James and the Bullies

James is small for his age and some of the older boys at school have taken to pushing him around. At first, James tells no-one as he thinks it is his fault but finally he decides to tell his Mum and together they set about solving the problem. Bullying is one of the most difficult issues children and their parents have to face. James and his Mum show how it can be tackled and overcome.


Daisy learns about strangers

Daisy gets bored in a supermarket and wanders off from her Mummy. When she realises she is amongst strangers, she feels very alone and frightened but luckily finds a security guard who soon reunites her with her Mummy. Learning about strangers is a difficult but vital lesson for young children. Daisy’s experience in the supermarket teaches her a valuable lesson.


Holly’s first day at school

A small child’s first day at school is a big step forward for both child and parents. For Holly, her worries about not being with her Mummy are soon forgotten as she meets new friends and starts to learn new things.

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At the end of each story, ‘Ten Helpful Hints’ give parents practical ways to deal with the issue that has been described in the story.  The Hints have been developed by Dr Richard Woolfson, Fellow of the British Psychological Society, who specialises in child psychology.


The Helping Hand stories are a good way to introduce sensitive issues into the classroom. 


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