Reading books together  

“I had a conversation the other day with a mum who had recently read the stories to her young daughter.  She told me that, initially, she had been a little wary of raising such difficult topics with her innocent young child.  But, equally, she knew that her little girl would have to face such issues, probably sooner rather than later.  As they describe a fictional situation, the stories had been a relaxed way to introduce the topics and her daughter had engaged with them. She identified with the children portrayed in them and wanted to read them again a few days later, asking a number of questions.  Mum and Dad had felt very relieved that the topics were now ‘on the table’ and indeed the books were now literally on the bedside table to be referred to, when needed.”


Sarah, Duchess of York

Helping children with issues at school

“I wanted to tackle issues that are important and universal. Take bullying for example. According to UK research, at least two in five young people have experienced bullying in some form in the previous year.  And bullying is the most common reason for children aged 11 and under to contact Childline.  ‘James and the Bullies’ is a simple story of bullying at school that illustrates how to face up to the problem and to go about resolving it.  As with so many problems, being brave enough to talk about it is more than half the answer.”

Sarah, Duchess of York


A gift that will last

Are you looking for beautiful books for the children in your life? The Helping Hand Stories make thoughtful lasting gifts, that will be read time and again.  Also, each story includes ten ‘Helpful Hints’ contributed by Richard Woolfson to give parents practical ways to help deal with the issue.