“All children face many new experiences as they grow up and helping them to understand and deal with each one is one of the most demanding and rewarding things we do as parents.


The Helping Hand stories are for both children and parents to read, perhaps together.  Each simple story describes a childhood experience and shows some of the ways to make it a positive one.  


I do hope these books encourage children and parents to talk about these often challenging issues. If we can show children that talking things out goes a long way to finding a solution, it will stand them in good stead throughout their lives.” 


Sarah, Duchess of York

Read an interview with the author about the Helping Hand Stories.

There are three stories in the first series.


James and the Bullies tells the story of a little boy who is being bullied at school but plucks up the courage to talk to his Mum.


Daisy learns about Strangers show what happens when Daisy loses her Mum in the supermarket.  The experience teaches her a valuable lesson.


Holly’s First Day at School tells the story of a worried little girl facing school for the first time. She soon forgets her worries as she meets new friends.